• The most well known toxic chemical in soda is aspartame. Aspartame is usually found in diet soda with artificial sweetener (fake sugar) but all non-organic soda contains a variety of unhealthy chemicals. I could make a list but you wouldn’t be able to pronounce or remember the names of this stuff anyway! Let’s just remember that these chemicals along with obscene amounts of sugar and caffeine have contributed to our obesity epidemic.


      The good news is that we can still enjoy delicious bubbly drinks without all the bad stuff by making soda at home with the ingredients we choose! How? With a SodaStream Machine!

      The Diet Soda Myth

      There is nothing diet about diet soda. If you are on a diet you should be drinking water, but let’s be real, we also want to drink on something that tastes good. That’s where SodaStream bubbly water comes in! You can add bubbles and a little flavor to your water with a soda stream to get the water you need without the chemicals or overload of sugar.

      The American Soda Addiction

      Some people live on soda and never drink water at all. Mountain Dew, Doctor Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, you name it. Next time you go the grocery store look around at how many cases of soda some people buy. Think of how much easier and cheaper it would be for them to invest in SodaStream!

      Making the switch to SodaStream

      A normal SodaStream drink contains less than half the sugar of a canned soda. Once you start making your own soda the freshness of your drink is what will satisfy you. You will care less and less for sugary drinks and something like seltzer water with lime becomes your favorite drink. A drink like this is equivalent to drinking straight water and your body will thank you for it every day.

      If you have a family a SodaStream can improve your entire family’s health, save you money, and give you all something fun to do together. Not only can you enjoy your beverages together, but you can also create your own custom flavors!

      The world is shifting back to quality homemade food and drinks. As people become more informed about chemicals, GMO’s, excessive sugar and salt, and chemicals in our food it makes sense to start ingesting quality homemade food and drinks.

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