SodaStream-Genesis Black ReviewSoda Drinking and Diabetes – Soda Drinking Could be Deadly

America’s love affair with soda pop has officially become a toxic relationship. For years we’ve heard about how unhealthy soda is, but recent studies are showing that our beloved carbonated drinks are causing more health problems, even deadly ones that we might have thought previously. And the sugary-sweet, high caffeine drinks aren’t the only culprits either. It turns out that even supposedly healthy diet sodas are every bit as unhealthy as the others.

Unhealthy Diet Soda?

For decades now the big soda manufacturers have been slapping the “Diet” label on their products to convince consumers that these drinks are somehow more appropriate to drink than other sodas. It turns out, like so many other marketing stunts, that this is patently false. Diet sodas are typically high in caffeine, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and many other ingredients that are anything but nutritious. That means that scores of people, who have been drinking these sodas like water, may be doing just as much damage to their bodies as if they had been drinking the sugary soda all along.

Soda Pop – The Bad, The Worse and the Downright Ugly

So just what are the health risks associated with drinking too much diet or regular soda? Perhaps the biggest, and most concerning is an increased risk for developing diabetes and ultimately experiencing a stroke. That’s right, regular consumption of soda has been linked with a 61% increased chance of having a potentially deadly or debilitating stroke. Not exactly healthy, right? And the more you drink soda, the more you up your risks of developing morbid obesity, which can lead to a whole host of other serious health problems.

Break the Habit

The problem that most regular soda drinkers have is one of habit. The simple fact is that so many of us have been drinking sodas for years, and they have become our regular drinks of choice. With the evidence mounting about how deadly the soda habit can be, it’s time for all of us to rethink this habit and put it to an end, once and for all. Even if you choose to replace unhealthy soda with plain seltzer water, you could potentially add years to your life.

There are also other alternatives available such as investing in a SodaStream soda maker, you get the same taste and fizz associated with a regular carbonated soda, but without the hazardous effects to your health that regular sodas can bring. In fact, many families and individuals are enjoying the same soda taste without the guilt and worries, they are confident that they are providing a healthy alternative for themselves and their families.

It’s clear that the love affair that Americans have with soda pop is one that has clearly run its course. You are what you eat – and drink – so take steps today to eliminate soda from your diet, and you’ll be taking a serious step toward eliminating your risk of developing diabetes and other serious health problems.