SodaStream Jet Review

The advantage of the SodaStream Jet is that you can use a double sized Co2 bottle with it. This is actually a huge advantage because it means less trips back and fourth to the refill station. This bottle is equivalent to about two small bottles of Co2.

What Is the SodaStream Jet?

The SodaStream Jet is one of the simplest SodaStream models available and comes close in comparison to The Fizzi. However, you can use a bigger carbonation bottle with the Jet.  It is a more basic model but the Jet’s simplicity does not make it a bad choice. It works like other SodaStream machines but without any type of automation. This means you’ll have to screw the bottle into the machine manually and pull down the carbonator lever manually. Other models like The Source lock-in your bottle automatically and have an LED to indicate your bubble level. If you don’t mind creating your drink without the automation and like to save some money the Jet kit is a great option.

Should you buy the Jet?

Do you like the idea of a value-priced machine and changing out your Co2 bottles less? If so, The SodaStream Jet might be right for you. Keep in mind that you can also purchase a Fizzi or Source kit with 2 small Co2 bottles and you would have the same amount of tank capacity. Just make sure to buy a Jet kit with at least one 130 liter bottle and not the one with a small bottle. If you’re buying a kit with a small bottle I’d recommend The Fizzi.


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