The SodaStream Source is their mid level machine and similar to The Fizzi. The difference is the addition of a LED carbonation indicator and Co2 button style. The Source also sports a snap-lock to lock your bottle in place automatically. Overall, it’s one of the most popular SodaStream machines. The LED is a nice feature to have and makes it easier to know exactly how bubbly your water is. The light also makes the machine look cool and modern in your kitchen.

SodaStream Source Vs Fizzi

The main difference between the Source and the Fizzi is the Co2 delivery pump/button and the LED carbonation level indicator. They are both excellent machines and close in price. Overall, the Source has more features than the Fizzi.

How it works

The Source is very easy to use and setup. You simply screw in the supplied Co2 bottle, insert your drink bottle into the snap-lock, give it 2-4 pumps of carbonation, and add your flavor!

Is The Source A Good Choice For Your First Soda Maker?

The Source is our #1 recommended machine for beginners. The Source does not have as many features as the high end Power machine but it has everything you need to start making soda. The build quality is good and SodaStream products are widely available. All SodaStream machines are easy to use and new soda makers will have no problem making great home made soda with The Source.

Kits and Bundles

The Source is available as a single unit or as a bundle.

We recommend The Source Bundle. It comes with 2-Co2 bottles, 3 drink bottles, and 2 soda flavors. All the essentials you will need to get going. The extra bottles definitely come in handy for a family and friends. The extra Co2 tank means less refill trips.

The Source Machine Only

You can buy the machine only but you’ll need to have some sort of Co2 supply to make soda water.

In Conclusion..

The Source is one of the most popular models of soda makers available today and it is a great choice as your first soda make or for experienced users. It consistently gets high ratings from users and looks great in your kitchen. It’s well made and should last users for years when used properly.

Secret Tips and Mods For Your SodaStream Machine

Have you read our post on SodaStream Tricks? If you want to save some serious money we explain a few hacks and modifications you can make to your SodaStream in order to get maximum value out of your money! Check it out here!

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