SodaStream Recently Purchased By Pepsi

As we suspected SodaStream Was Recently Purchases By PepsiCo. Why Would They Do That? The big soda makers, including Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are quaking in their boots according to market experts. That’s because millions of people around the world are cutting them out of the loop and making their own sodas and carbonated beverages at …

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Sodastream Bottles

Sodastream Carbonation Bottles: Eliminating the Waste There’s no question that the dawn of consumer convenience has meant a pileup at the landfill and recycling centers. The culprits, such as disposable plastic bottles, multiply by the millions. Sodastream, home soda making inventors who strive to reduce the waste of a different kind of gas guzzler (think …

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The SodaStream Crystal Review

The SodaStream Crystal, like all of the SodaStream products, offers a wide variety of benefits to your health, budget, and the environment.

Sodastream Flavors

A Sodastream Flavor for Everyone  The idea behind Sodastream is simple : take a product we consume often — the carbonated beverage — and make it yourself with the purchase of a soda machine, some accessories, and a range of flavors.  In the Sodastream fizz racket, this means converting ordinary tap water into seltzer, soda …

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The SodaStream Power Review

Why Is The Power More Expensive Than Other SodaStreams? The SodaStream Power Is A High End SodaStream Machine With Upgraded Features. Is It Worth It? If you don’t mind investing a little extra into your SodaStream the Power is a fantastic choice. It’s build quality is phenomenal. The quality gives this machine a high end …

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SodaStream Pure Starter Kit Review

Read the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit Review to find a quality machine for the best price around. See what others said about the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit.