Sodastream Bottles

Sodastream Carbonation Bottles: Eliminating the Waste There’s no question that the dawn of consumer convenience has meant a pileup at the landfill and recycling centers. The culprits, such as disposable plastic bottles, multiply by the millions. Sodastream, home soda making inventors who strive to reduce the waste of a different kind of gas guzzler (think …

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Sodastream Flavors

A Sodastream Flavor for Everyone  The idea behind Sodastream is simple : take a product we consume often — the carbonated beverage — and make it yourself with the purchase of a soda machine, some accessories, and a range of flavors.  In the Sodastream fizz racket, this means converting ordinary tap water into seltzer, soda …

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Best Selling SodaStreams In 2020

Read Amazon’s Best Selling SodaStreams list and what models are currently the best bang for your buck. Find the best deal today!