I’ve always been a big soda drinker, which is one reason that I decided to do this SodaStream  review, needless to say the Soda Maker Kit caught my attention. This affordable kitchen appliance makes it possible to make your own soda or seltzer in the comfort of your own kitchen. That means that soda lovers, like you and me, are no longer stuck with drinking only the sodas available at the local store. You can get the sodastream soda maker now from Amazon at the lowest price.

If you prefer a bit more carbonation in your drinks, it’s no problem to get as fizzy as you want with the SodaStream Soda Maker Kit. The good news is that the homemade sodas made by the sodastream machine won’t go flat- like regular sodas, this is thanks to a special hermetic seal in the carbonating bottle caps which keeps your sodas fizzy.

Instant Carbonation

I’ve never been privy to the way water is carbonated to make soda pop, so I was shocked when I found out that there was a way to get water nice and fizzy with the press of a button. That’s really how simple it is to take regular old tap water and transform it into instant seltzer or soda. And when you start to feel a little creative, you can easily use the SodaStream Soda Maker Kit to make your own flavors and soda concoctions whenever you feel like it. The sodastream soda maker comes in a variety of flavors that you can pick and choose based on your personal preferences. That means no more overly-sugary, unhealthy sodas. With the SodaStream Soda Maker Kit it’s a snap to add healthy ingredients to your drink, while still getting the traditional fizzy sensation that only a good soda pop provides.

Sodastream is a sensible alternative to store-bought sodas and has 2/3 less sugar, calories, carbs and sodium than regular store-bought soda. Diet flavors are sugar-free and contain less sodium than store-bought diet flavors and contain no aspartame. The SodaStream also offers an energy drink sodamix for those active individuals on the go!

Features and Specifications:

      • Lets you control the flavor and carbonation level of your drinks
      • Makes carbonated seltzer water in minutes
      • Saves money by letting you produce 1 liter sodas for pennies on the dollar
      • Dimensions: 15x8x12 inches
      • Comes with a two year warranty
      • Available in over 25 great flavors
      • Does not require batteries
      • Provides a three-year warranty and a money back guarantee.

Simple to Use

When you’re buying a new appliance or gadget, you obviously want one that’s easy to use. That’s one of the things that really amazes me about the SodaStream Soda Maker Kit… It’s so simple to use. It literally takes just minutes to make a bottle of your own, custom soda or carbonated water. No carrying in cases of heavy cans or bottles. No paying ever-increasing prices at the local grocery stores. Just simple to make, delicious soda or seltzer whenever you want it, there are even on the go soda makers available so that you can conveniently make sodas.

If you love soda or seltzer and want a way to make it at home, I’m sure that you’ll love the SodaStream Soda Maker Kit as much as I do. It is easy to use and makes an excellent gift for just about any occasion you can think of.

Where should you buy the SodaStream

The best place I have seen the SodaStream at is Amazon.com. I’ve just looked everywhere and they seem to have the lowest pricing and quickest shipping. Also take a look at their reviews as they have hundreds available.

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