My Sodastream has been a good investment because of the huge amount of diet soda I drink. I really dislike having to buy bottle after bottle of diet Coke every week so when I heard about the Sodastream I decided to investigate and I’m happy I did. I found it on Amazon and decided to buy it within about 2 minutes.

This home soda-making machine is pretty basic which is a good thing. Carbonating water is a simple, easy, fast process and even I can do it even when I’m almost half asleep. The taste of their diet cola syrup is good. Not great, but good. They use sucralose (the main ingredient in Splenda) so it’s a little different than the aspartame based flavor of Diet Coke. It’s supposed to be a healthier sugar alternative and I quickly got used to the flavor.

Diet coke and most other big brand diet sodas are expensive, especially if you drink them in massive amounts like I do. Even with having to buy the replacement CO2 bottles, the syrup, and a couple extra plastic Sodastream bottles I’ve found the setup to be less costly than going to Albertsons every week and stocking up on Diet Coke. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to just make soda at home anytime you want and not have to lug around big bottles and big cases of aluminum cans all the time. Plus now my trash can isn’t always filled with empty soda cans and bottles so each bag lasts alot longer.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Sodastream soda maker to anyone who drinks lots of soda like I do. Buying tons of ready-made soda really adds up in terms of cost and time. My Sodastream machine makes it much easier and cheaper to support my diet cola addiction so I’m more than happy with it.

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