The advantage of the SodaStream Jet is that you can use a double sized Co2 bottle with it. This is actually a huge advantage because it means less trips back and fourth to the refill station. This bottle is equivalent to about two small bottles of Co2.

What Is the SodaStream Jet?

The SodaStream Jet is one of the simplest SodaStream models available and comes close in comparison to The Fizzi. However, you can use a bigger carbonation bottle with the Jet.  It is a more basic model but the Jet’s simplicity does not make it a bad choice. It works like other SodaStream machines but without any type of automation. This means you’ll have to screw the bottle into the machine manually and pull down the carbonator lever manually. Other models like The Source lock-in your bottle automatically and have an LED to indicate your bubble level. If you don’t mind creating your drink without the automation and like to save some money the Jet kit is a great option.

Should you buy the Jet?

Do you like the idea of a value-priced machine and changing out your Co2 bottles less? If so, The SodaStream Jet might be right for you. Keep in mind that you can also purchase a Fizzi or Source kit with 2 small Co2 bottles and you would have the same amount of tank capacity. Just make sure to buy a Jet kit with at least one 130 liter bottle and not the one with a small bottle. If you’re buying a kit with a small bottle I’d recommend The Fizzi.





More Thoughts…

So, I’m a huge soda lover who also drinks diet colas (without aspartame) and all-natural sodas. I also drink a lot of plain seltzer and club soda, either by themselves or with a bit of scotch, wine, or another tasty alcoholic beverage. With the prices of soda going up every month I began looking for ways to reduce the amount of money I was spending on soft drinks. When I found the SodaStream Jet soda maker I thought I may have found the perfect money-saving solution.

The SodaStream machines are very cool appliances that take up very little space in your kitchen and can taken anywhere because they don’t require electricity to work. They hook up to a CO2 canister and inject carbonation into plain cold tap or bottled water. Mine came with two reusable liter-sized plastic bottles and lids that are specially made for pressurization. They are supposed to last about 3 years but can’t be washed in the dishwasher or they’ll be ruined.

Ease Of Use

This little appliance is surprisingly easy to use, especially compared to other at-home carbonation systems I’ve used in the past. You just screw the CO2 canister into the back of the SodaStream and screw the plastic soda bottle into the front. Then you just press the “carbonation” button until you hear a low buzzing sound. 3 buzzes produces standard soda carbonation. You can adjust the level of carbonation to your personal taste preferences by doing fewer or more buzzes. The entire processes takes about 30 seconds. Then you remove the soda bottle from the machine and you have plain soda water. You can drink it or put the cap on and store it in the refrigerator. Or you can add flavoring to make the soda of your choice, anything from diet cola to ginger ale to fruit-flavored sodas and everything in between.


One of the best things about the SodaStream in my opinion is the ability to create low-sugar sodas by simply adding less flavor syrup. Obviously you can do the exact opposite if you prefer very sweet, high-flavor soft drinks. I also like to just add fresh juices or extracts for a delicious 100% natural “healthy” soda. Also, it’s great not having to buy and carry lots of heavy soda bottles, six packs, and cases of cans. The SodaStream is definitely a back saver!


The biggest drawback of this product, in my opinion, is being forced to purchase the special SodaStream CO2 gas canisters. You really need to have at least 1 extra canister on hand at all times just in case the in-use one runs out at an inconvenient time. I’d much prefer to be able to take my gas canister to the local hardware store and just have them refill it quickly and cheaply. Also, you really need to order extra plastic soda bottles, especially if you or your family drinks a lot of soda. It’s nice having at least one empty for those times when you want to make a special flavor for a special drink or event.

Should I Go For It?

For the price, I think the SodaStream Jet is a really good bargain. It allows you to make fresh, delicious, personalized soda in the comfort of your hoor writing Jeffme anytime you want. I would definitely recommend it to soda lovers and families with kids who drink a lot of soda pop. Just make sure you understand the limitations regarding the special CO2 canisters and the SodaStream plastic soda bottles. Spend a little more to get extras of both and you shouldn’t run into any problems. And even if you do, the company backs up their product with a very good warranty!

The Jet Review 4 Months Later

I got the Sodastream “Jet” starter kit 4 months ago. We live in a 2 floor home and we have 2 kids that love their soda. We were looking for a way to avoid big heavy soda bottles up the stairs to our house. We also wanted something that was healthier for the kids and with less-sugar than normal soft drinks.

The Sodastream machine has actually become one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. Instead of carrying cases of soda bottles up the stairs twice a week we just make tasty soda whenever we need in the comfort of our home. The best part is you can pick and choose among the many different syrup flavors they offer so you never get bored or run out of your favorite soda. So far the water carbonation level and flavor level is usually on point. We use both tap water and bottled water and don’t notice a big difference in overall taste or quality. Cold water works best for carbonation though. For the kids, we use less flavoring to keep sugar levels down and they don’t even notice a difference. Also, it’s natural sugarcane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup used in most all commercial sodas.

The negative reviews I’ve seen online mainly focus on the CO2 refill issue. For us it’s not really a big deal and I think for the average person or family it won’t be either. Especially if you buy a bigger tank for your machine. It’s also easy to order fresh canisters online.

In terms of overall cost, the Sodastream is cheaper than buying normal name-brand sodas. Our kids also prefer the taste of SodaStream and it’s cheaper than store bought sodas. When you add in the “time cost” of shopping for and lifting heavy bottles into your shopping cart, into your car, up stairs, and into your refrigerator, etc it’s a HUGE money saver!

As a side benefit, if you live in a place where you have to recycle (like I do) the Sodastream really cuts down on how many empty plastic bottles you have to deal with. No more filling up your recycling bins all the time and having to get rid of them every week. It’s good for the environment and GREAT for my sore back!

So There You Have It! The Jet Is A Yes From Us!

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