If your family goes through a lot of bottles of carbonated water, cans of soda, or big two-liter bottles of soda, then you might be surprised at just how much the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit can save you in terms of money and storage space. This machine is small enough to put on your kitchen counter, and it will produce hundreds of bottles of carbonated beverages at the press of a button.


What Is the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit?

This is considered to be the entry level SodaStream product that is designed to provide carbonated beverages at home. No longer will you need to lug in big boxes of cans or bottles – you can make your own beverages at home with the water that comes right out of the tap. This means you can save a tremendous amount of money over the lifetime of this product and the fact that you won’t have to store bottles or cans means that you will have more room, too.

How Does It Work?

The SodaStream Pure Starter Kit uses the water that you have at home and a small carbonation bottle. To that you can add a variety of flavors, from diet cola and regular cola, to fruit flavors, and lightly sweetened carbonated water. The choices are endless and a lot of people who buy this end up making their own combinations to suit their family.

With this kid, there is one carbonator which will make up to 60 liters of soda and a BPA-free plastic bottle that you can store your drinks in. It is available in white or a stylish black and silver, so it will look great in any kitchen.

What Are People Saying About the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit?

One thing that you will see mentioned in many of the reviews for the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit is that it is so easy to use. You don’t need electricity and you can use your own tap water along with any of the flavors, or just choose to make carbonated water which can be pretty pricey if you were to buy it in a store.

Where Should You Buy It?

The SodaStream Pure Starter Kit comes in both white and black and silver and if you buy it at a local store, you will end up paying around $150. But, when you buy this online, you will get around 13% off of that price, which will save you $20, and you will also get the widest variety of flavors and carbonating bottles when you go online, too.

Is This the Right Product For You?

Obviously, the biggest selling point of this product is that you can save a lot of money by no longer having to buy drinks in cans or beverages, and especially if your family drinks a lot of carbonated beverages, the amount of money you save will more than pay for the machine in a month or two. But, there are also many people who choose the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit because of how much it can do for the environment. When you are drinking carbonated tap water, you aren’t loading the landfills with bottles and cans and even your own garbage can will be less full each week. It is a cost-effective solution but also one that is good for the earth.

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